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you can never silence me
13 November
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My name is Erika. I live in Everett. I love my boyfriend Dan... he is the greatest guy I have ever met, and I don't plan on gettin rid of him anytime soon. I complain a lot and I am loud and obnoxious... deal with it.
28 days later, a clockwork orange, alyssa, art, bangs, barbies, bats, bazooka, beaches, being in love, being loved, belly buttons, bitch boots, biting, black, blacklights, blood, bondage, boobs, brad, bright colors, bubble yum, camo, candles, canopy beds, caring, carmel kisses, chains, chevy, chocolate body paint, coffee, cold mountain, colored contacts, converse, cricket, crickets, crying in the rain, cuddling, cute glasses, cutting, dancing, dangerous girls, danika, dawntizzle, death, dragonflies, erin, feeling perfect, fishnet, flowers, fortune telling, ghosts, girls kissing, good smelling things, great balls of fire, green day, guitars, guys kissing, heavier than heaven, hello kitty, horoscopes, horses, hot chocolate, hot girls, hot guys, insense, james, jim morrison, jones, kids, kissing, kittens, kittie, kristine, lacy underwear, laffy taffy, lava lamps, licorice tea, lightning, lonestar state of mind, making out, melanie, mesh underwear, mickey mouse, mints, mountain beavers, movies, mr. bubble, music, nerds, nessa, night, nirvana, noah, not caring, old-fashion dresses, old-fashion teddies, oranges, parks, peace, penguin energy gum, pictures, piercings, pillow mints, pink, pink shaving cream, pixie stixs, powerpuff girls, prom dresses, quizzes, rain, rainbows, rhiannon, rocky horror picture show, running through the woods, sex ties, shiny things, short skirts, silk boxers, singing, siobhan, snakes, snapples, spirituality, strawberries, strobe lights, stupid movies, suicide, surveys, tattoos, the doors, thigh high tights, things that bite, things that vibrate, thongs, tight shirts, touch lamps, trees, vampires, vannah, water, wax bottles, weird hairstyles, white tigers, winnie the pooh, zombies